A photograph of a collage using photocopies pencils, and pen and ink, showing a vaguely threatening situation the curator thought up. It reminds him of a regular Saturday night in Accrington in the late 1980s. The heads are those of Edward VIII. One is the bust that appeared on the standard issue postage stamps, whilst the other (the three-quarter portrait) is from a broken coronation mug, inexpertly glued together, and still in the curator’s possession. This was saved from the royalist (East Lancastrian) side of the family. Other images are the Spanish police, made suitably anonymous and given more rustic aspect; the first depiction of Britannia (modelled, suposedly, on Charles I’s mistress, Nel Gwynne); and an old acquaintance of the curator’s from his Bollenstreek Party years. This image is housed in a stamp album full of empty leaves, once used and since abandoned by the curator’s father, to house his collection of old French stamps of the various republics and empires the French have had since the first release (depicting Ceres, goddess of corn) in 1849. This is an image specially prepared for Move 2, which cannot be altered.