PINS – Rule Thirty-six: Backing up

You need people to back you up, whether living or dead. They help you rally round and also help you light the fire, but take note; don’t put the fire ash in the normal bin! Read here for more information about backing up.

PINS – Rule Thirty-five: Rallying Round

However glum you get, you have to rally round. You can find a whole set of ideas here, on how to pull yourself together. And don’t listen to them numbnuts they are like animals they are, ignorant and crude. Just check these images instead, and maybe photocopy them.

PINS – Rule Thirty-four: Danger Zone, Steady Up!

Oh heck, things are getting tricky, the Danger Zone can be an uncertain place full of experienced people who don’t give a damn and maybe you’re not the sort of character who should be there. But this is PINS and PINs is a life we’ve all been through.  More Danger Zones are described here. For now, draw your qwayout of trouble, it’s the only way. Don’t be soft!