PINS – Rule Thirty-three: More Unsteady Zones

Oh heck, things are getting unsteady, we need to keep hold of our pins and wait on our C.O. otherwise all hell’ll be brekkin loose like it does down Funnies on a Friday neet.

PINS – Rule Thirty-two: The Unsteady Zone

Elite troops keep the morale of other units steady in the Unsteady Zone. That’s the place where contact with the opposing force occurs.
You can read all about that here, along with why you musn’t leer, or be a lummox at the Con Club whist drive.

PINS – Rule Thirty-one: More food.

There are lots of places to go and things to do with a full stomach, so the most important thing is having no interference in the kitchen. That’s where the food is.


For their own comfort and safety, children under 5 and babes-in-arms are not admitted.

These photocopies accompany a post that is not a rule as such, it’s more an adjunct to Rule Twenty-nine and a reminder. You need to put some meat on your bones. And you need to make sure everyone is out of the kitchen. Don’t be soft and don’t be numb.

PINS – Rule Thirty: Marching on an empty stomach

The Museum doesn’t like to unduly quote Napoleon, for as we all know, Boney was a warrior, Boney was a thief. But he was right when he said, an army marches on its stomach.  Here are some images to make you think about marching on your stomach.  Click here to find out how you can march on a full one.