PINS – Rule Twenty-nine: Where are our Enemies?

In PINS, and in life,  we have to know where our enemies are.  Luckily we have some rules to show where they are. You can read about them here. For now here are some images to help you work out where your enemies are.

PINS – Rule Twenty-eight: Advance Against Hidden Enemies

We have to advance, most probably against hidden enemies.  This is because, just like any really good game,  we can’t be bothered checking the rules we wrote earlier. So best just advance.

PINS – Rule Twenty-seven: Mascots for Morale

Just like in Real Life (what’s that?), morale plays an important part in the game of PINS. Mascots help morale. It could be Tokor the cat. Or Edwyn Collins.

Here are some photocopies of mascots that can help your morale.

PINS – Rule Twenty-six: More Units

Morale is an important thing in PINS. An overview about morale and not being a big softie can be found here. Below are some viusal proimopts on how to improve your unit’s morale.